We aren't going to tell you why you need a website, you probably already know that. What we do want to tell you is how we can help you design an awesome website.

Do you know what it is like being on a first date? Your nerves just can't settle and you have no idea what to expect. You try one million shirts only to go back to the first one. You can't decide whether that mauve dress has the right length or how to style your hair. Should you be keeping it simple or should you dress up fancy? It's a tinge of frustration mixed with a little bit of anxiety, blended with nervousness.

That's how important first impressions are. So you have to make the best out of it. First you want to know what kind of a date is it, then you can move on to think about what you want to wear. Okay, we'll stop with the date analogy. But seriously, that's exactly how it works with web design too. At Jomweb we customize your website according to your business needs. We are dedicated to developing a 100% hand coded website with all the specifications required for your business.


"You just dream of that gorgeous website, we'll develop it for you."

Today, we begin reading an article on our laptops and end up finishing it on our phones. We search on our tabs and order from our phones. It is important for us to deliver you the best of both worlds. Jomweb creates websites which can be displayed on multiple platforms. Our websites are designed to be used on a tablet, phone and computer. The websites we design will be accessible and responsive on multiple devices.

In a nutshell responsive web design allows you to view a website on multiple devices, it adjusts to the screen size. Enhancing user experience like never before, a responsive design is the need of the hour. By using responsive web designs we narrow down on functionalities best suited to your business. Responsive design is an elegant solution to a restricted screen space. Do you need to highlight your social media pages more than anything else? Do you want to highlight your newsletter subscription option? A responsive web design will enable you to strategize your priorities.

Responsive web designs offer a faster and better user experience. It also brings about greater SEO optimization producing more focused results. Responsive design is also a cost effective solution. Despite its greater production time, a responsive web design means that all the back end management tasks and upgrades can be performed from one place.


Ever wonder how dependent on your mobile apps. From the social media basics to the other important stuff, how many mobile apps do you have on your smart phone? Life is easier with mobile apps. Everything you might need and want is right on your fingertips. So why not give your customers that benefit? Developing a mobile app can really help your business. Some clients require something more than a responsive web design, that's where we come in. We identify and strategize how your app can simplify a task. At Jomweb we design and develop an efficient user interface.

UI designs cannot achieve simplicity without an in depth understanding of what the users need. That's why at Jomweb we have a holistic approach to understanding your requirements. We create simple comprehensive and user friendly designs. A mobile app can be judged according to its functionality and the user experience it offers. We give importance to both those aspects along with designing something really good looking!


"Redefining the art of storytelling…"

Branding is definitely not limited to designing a logo. A logo design is just a part of the process. Today a brand identity means so much more than just creating a brochure or a website. At Jomweb we work with the intricacies of your brand along with devising a strategy for you to achieve your business goals. We identify the core values of your business and create a story around it. Using your strengths as the foundation, our branding strategies encompass a range of strategies. We compile creative content with powerful visuals to design a beautiful brand identity that stays in your mind long after you've seen it!

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